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If you are a company in the industrial sector and want to digitalize your business, you have come to the right place.

Nowadays, is there something better than attracting customers by boosting your online visibility? Keyweo supports these industrial players by optimizing their search engines. In recent years, it has become essential for any company in this industry to build a solid marketing strategy to face the competition. For this, the implementation of an industrial SEO strategy is an effective solution. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing strategy that aims to increase a company's visibility on search engines like Google.

What types of industrial companies are interested in industrial SEO?  Who can benefit from our offer? Discover Keyweo's services to boost your performance, outperform your competitors, and optimize your marketing strategy.

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Which industrial business should consider SEO?

Made up of a team of search engine optimization experts, Keyweo has been helping large industrial groups for several years in the development of their industrial SEO strategy. Our philosophy? To create a customized SEO strategy for each industrial company we work with. 

Made up of a team of search engine optimization experts, Keyweo has been helping large industrial businesses for several years in the development of their industrial SEO strategy. Our philosophy? To create a customized SEO strategy for each industrial company we work with. Industrial companies, if you want to start, strengthen, or boost your visibility on Google, Keyweo is the solution you need. Don't wait any longer: tell us about your project.

  • Automotive
  • Shipbuilding and railways
  • Metal industry
  • Energy equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronic equipment
  • etc

Our SEO Industry Services

Keyword Study

Redesigning, creating, or developing a site: the study of keywords is an essential step. In the industrial sector, a specific and technical vocabulary is used by users on Google. It is, therefore, necessary to know the organic words searched by your target audience in order to create relevant content. A keyword study is essential to obtain a better positioning on Google and become a leader in the industrial sector. This analysis allows us to create the foundation of your SEO strategy. By using the tools we have at our disposal, we identify the strategic pages in order to improve your ranking and seize the opportunities that are offered to you.

SEO Audit

The SEO audit is also an important part of launching your SEO strategy. Our team of digital marketing specialists will perform a complete analysis of your site. The goal is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site and to correct all the flaws that are holding back your positioning on Google. The SEO audit of the industrial groups we work with is therefore a key step to please Google. To carry out a strategy that exceeds that of your competitors and attract valuable traffic, it is necessary to start on the right footing. Is your site responsive? Do your pages load quickly? Are the images the right size? These are all technical elements that are reviewed during the SEO audit. Votre site est-il responsive ? Vos pages se chargent-elles rapidement ? Les images sont-elles à la bonne taille ? Autant d'éléments techniques qui sont passés en revue lors de l'audit de référencement.

Creation Of Industrial Website

A website is a powerful tool to strengthen your brand image on a large scale. However, if the creation of a site is not carried out with expertise and competence, it can fail very quickly. That's why at Keyweo we offer the creation of an optimized industrial website. If you want to improve your communication and make contact with new prospects, our agency develops a website that meets your needs. According to your criteria and the characteristics of your sector, our industrial SEO team will design the most optimized website, including organic keywords to rank high on Google. Tell us what you want and we will take care of the development of your site: the creation of SEO optimized pages, writing thematic content, technical optimization, etc.

Writing Industrial Content

At Keyweo, our teams are also skilled writers. Specialists in SEO, our writers create optimized content for your site, regardless of your product/service. The themes covered are chosen according to the keywords searched by your target audience. As a result, your content is perfectly aligned with your customers' needs. Our expert SEO consultants are used to working with large industrial groups: they know all the techniques to create quality and technical content. In addition, our industrial SEO experts can translate your content. Spanish, English, or French: Keyweo has an international team capable of meeting the diverse needs of its clients.

Netlinking Strategy

Netlinking is a strategy that can boost your website. Conducting such a strategy is often a guarantee of success in order to stay ahead of the competition. For this, our experts in netlinking support you to create the industrial web marketing strategy that fits your needs. Through the creation of qualitative links, your position on Google will increase. Keyweo develops an effective, reliable, and results-oriented netlinking strategy for you. The netlinking campaigns we run allow the industrial companies we work with to become leaders in their field. If your goal is to become a leader in the industry, our team of professionals is equipped to help you reach your goal.

Dedicated SEO Expert

Developing an SEO industrial strategy is a big opportunity, especially together with our Web marketing experts. As a beginner in the Digital Marketing industry, it can be hard to know which actions are important to boost your website. Therefore, contacting qualified and certified people is the ideal solution. Within our agency, we offer personalized customer follow-ups with a devoted consultant. Our goal is to offer you a tailor-made service adapted to your needs. To lead your SEO strategy in the right direction, our consultants advise you on a daily basis to achieve your growth objectives.


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