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Are you a player in the tourism industry? Are you looking for an SEO Agency specialized in Tourism to build an efficient SEO strategy? Do you want to build your e-reputation, and appear in the first results on Google? Do you want to boost the SEO of your site but you don't have the required knowledge?

Welcome to Keyweo, a digital marketing agency specializing in the tourism industry that will help you build your SEO strategy. Keyweo optimizes your site after a complete study of your business, implements the most suitable digital tourism strategy, and offers regular monitoring to optimize your positioning in search results.

We have a lot of experience in the travel industry due to the support of international and domestic players in the tourism industry, therefore, we have developed key competencies in the field over the years. We do everything possible to optimize your site from a technical point of view, with optimized travel content for organic search engine optimization, and above all, a focus on your products and services.

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Our team of consultants has become experts in the Tourism industry due to experience in several SEO projects. We have strengthened our skills in this field during collaborations with key players in the Tourism industry. Our strength: the creation of a network of tourist websites to train our team on a daily basis.

If you also want to develop your website, feel free to contact us to discuss your tourism projects.

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  • Flight Comparison website
  • Tourist Guide
  • Hotel Chain
  • Camping
  • etc


Our SEO Tourism services

Keyword Study

A keyword study is essential for the redesign or SEO development of your website if you choose website creation. We perform an in-depth analysis of the keywords most used by your target audience in order to build an SEO strategy that is adapted to your business. We make sure to work on the most efficient keywords to position you in the local and international markets. On a daily basis, our teams work internally on marketing tools that allow us to gather the most strategic keywords for your site, quickly and efficiently. In order to reach the first pages on Google, it is important that the SEO consultants, who master the subject of tourism and the associated tools, carry out a keyword study.

SEO Audit

Any digital strategy relies on a high-performance and quality website. To verify these essential elements, our SEO tourism experts recommend a technical audit. In order to determine the areas of improvement of your site, one must address the weaknesses first. In order to make your website SEO-friendly, technical analysis is needed to determine which parts need to be optimized. Each element of your page will be analyzed: website design, content relevance, image optimization, etc. Optimizing your Tourism website involves developing your website by taking the local and international aspects into account. The SEO audit is a major step that allows your business to achieve performance objectives in the long term.

Tourism Website Creation

The development and creation of customized websites for the tourism sector are part of our field of expertise. Our team of SEO experts and our technical team will work together to build a website that reflects your image while also taking into account the restrictions set by search engines to optimize your natural referencing for tourism. Choosing the theme, creation of page templates, and the configuration of WordPress: trust us to develop your website according to your desires! For several years, we have been developing tourism websites that stand out on Google. Due to our long-term experience, we have managed to reach our performance objectives. For you, we can do it too. Take the opportunity to boost your visibility online!

Content Writing about Traveling

Keyweo writes and translates SEO-optimized travel content for your tourism websites. Our content writers target the most relevant keywords and write blog posts, product pages, and travel guides for your customers. Our consultants are experts and we master multiple languages (English, Spanish, French). You can decide whether we should develop your online reputation on a local or international level. Creating SEO-optimized tourism content is a strategy to be carried out with great attention to detail if you want to position yourself on the web in the long term.

Link building Tourism

We help you to develop a link building campaign on your website and optimize your tourism web marketing strategy. Become a leader in the travel industry and increase the popularity of your website with qualitative backlinks. Link building is a channel that allows you to quickly boost your website and gain positions on Google. Take advantage of the tools we have developed and benefit from the knowledge of our consultants to boost your natural ranking on Google in the tourism sector. See the results in just a few months!

Dedicated SEO Consultant

At our SEO tourism agency, we place great importance on supporting our clients on a daily basis. SEO is an online marketing strategy that requires long-term dedication. That's why we offer our clients the opportunity to collaborate with us for long periods of time to achieve their growth objectives. Each customer benefits from a consultant expert in organic optimization to guide him in his project and especially to advise him on the actions that need to be taken.

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