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Are you in the real estate business and want to develop your customer base by launching your own website? At Keyweo, a real estate SEO expert, we help real estate businesses to digitalize their services. If you want to create a successful website that reflects your brand, we are here to listen to your needs. Our team of experts in real estate SEO advises you on the development of a search engine optimization strategy to enable you to achieve all your goals. Digitalizing services in the real estate sector is a growing phenomenon. Increased competition is one of the reasons why improving your visibility on Google is a real advantage that will help your business grow. Therefore, contacting a real estate digital marketing agency can be very helpful.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method of improving a website's ranking in Google search results. Implementing an SEO strategy is therefore useful for any real estate business that is looking for more traffic on their website. It allows you to make your offer more popular and enlarge your client base but also to compete with other companies that have already established a real estate SEO strategy.

We live in a digitalized society. Nowadays, any company that wants to gain visibility to attract more customers must improve its online presence. However, not everyone is an expert in digital marketing. This is why we are here: our ambition as a Real Estate Digital Marketing agency is to help you build a professional website that is efficient and personalized according to your expectations, your customer base, and the market in which you are located. So don't hesitate: let's build an SEO-optimized website together.

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Which Real Estate business should consider SEO?

At Keyweo, our teams of real estate SEO experts are used to working with companies in this sector. The real estate industry is a field with unique challenges. To support you in your SEO strategy, a certain expertise is necessary. Our experience in real estate SEO is our strength.  If you are in the real estate industry and want to improve your online presence, don't hesitate to share your project with us!

  • Real Estate Agency
  • Real estate prospector
  • Real estate developer
  • Real estate accountant
  • Architect
  • Notary
  • etc

It is important to call a real estate digital marketing agency to manage your real estate SEO. This is because all the advertisements must be SEO-friendly and you must ensure that the ads are technically optimized so that they are relevant and reach an interesting position on the SERP.

Our Real Estate SEO services

Keyword Study

A real estate SEO keyword study is carried out at the beginning of each SEO project. It is about establishing the foundations of our collaboration by conducting a study on your SEO and the opportunities to be taken.

Depending on your specialization in real estate, we analyze the positioning of your organic keywords and those of your competitors in search engines. This essential step allows us to establish the strategic pages to create on your site to boost your positioning and reach the first positions on Google. Our real estate SEO experts analyze the keywords that attract traffic and those likely to improve your conversion rate, and therefore your turnover. We will differentiate your site with qualitative and relevant content.

SEO Audit

Is your site performing well and optimized for real estate SEO? This is a question that is difficult to answer without having performed a complete SEO audit. This analytical approach is designed to identify the internal problems of your site's pages: poor design, duplicate content, overly heavy images, etc. The goal is to eliminate potential obstacles to launching your SEO strategy on solid foundations.

Our consultants, real estate SEO professionals, ensure that your site complies with Google's standards. With the help of analysis tools such as Screaming Frog, OnCrawl, or Google Search Console, we detect technical problems to analyze the effectiveness of your website. In the same way, we make sure that your website is user-friendly and above all responsive by being compatible with all types of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). The main objective is to facilitate the user experience on your site to encourage purchases. This step is usually combined with the study of keywords to ensure that your site is relevant and above all provides added value in the eyes of Internet users.

Real Estate Website Creation

The internet is a place where your brand can grow its visibility. To position yourself in a market as competitive as real estate, the creation of a powerful website is a great opportunity. Real estate agent, notary, architect, present your services and products with a complete turnkey solution. To make life easier for real estate agents, promoters and sellers, we develop your website to present your services, as well as the property to rent or buy.

Choice of theme, design of pages, creation of optimized content, our consultants take care of the whole creation of the site. Improve your online visibility by reaching a targeted audience with your website optimized by our Digital Marketing agency.

Creation of Themed Content

Keeping a site running with regular content is essential nowadays if you want to rank on Google. However, writing content with no specific intent is not the right way to go. When working on your SEO strategy, you need to establish the strategic content that will boost your traffic precisely. Forget about copying and pasting content and focus on original and unique SEO real estate texts.

At Keyweo, we support you in your content strategy by identifying the keywords that need to be covered on your site. Blog articles, pages presenting your services, real estate guides, each content must target a specific keyword. Based on an in-depth keyword study, we list the topics your target users are looking for. This is followed by the writing stage. Once again, our experts at our real estate SEO agency offer you quality content with a precise vocabulary for the real estate sector to highlight your activity. If you have a multilingual real estate website, our team of SEO writers will translate your content (French, English, Spanish) to position you internationally.

Boost the SEO of your agency by trusting the writing of your content to our experts!

Netlinking Strategy

Google is a challenging search engine that judges the relevance of your site and the quality of your content. Optimizing your site with SEO content is only one part of your SEO strategy that you need to work on. The other part is netlinking.

This marketing technique is primarily aimed at improving the popularity of your site in the eyes of Google. By creating quality links that point to your site, you tell Google that your site is worth promoting. But be careful, netlinking is a double-edged sword. This practice requires a high level of control in order not to be penalized by Google and lose positions.

Within our agency, we have developed powerful tools to develop your netlinking strategy. The acquisition of links on sites dedicated to real estate aims to improve your positions and generate new sales opportunities.

Personalized SEO Follow-up

An effective SEO strategy requires long-term work. That's why we offer SEO follow-ups to each of our customers to accompany them in the daily development of their online real estate SEO project.

To offer you a personalized follow-up, our SEO experts are listening to you in order to develop a website that fits your image. We put our expertise and our experience in Digital Marketing at your service to ensure that your website will be a success. Develop your SEO skills together with our experts.

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